My story with Celiac

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Suad Al Furaih is the first Arab woman to spread awareness about Celiac disease in the Arab World. She is the author of My Story with Celiac which is an encapsulation of her experiences and how she managed to stay healthy in spite of the condition. With little information on the disease and even lesser in Arabic, she was prompted to write the book. The book had a tremendous effect on those affected with the disease and referred to it as a ‘life directory’. She is also the founder of Kuwaiti Celiac Patients Support Group and has launched for the benefit of those who don’t have access to the book. Furthermore, she has been instrumental in forming the Kuwaiti Voluntary Celiac Awareness Team (KVCAT) that undertakes initiatives including collaborations with the Ministries and schools for awareness programs.

  1. Dr. Suad Alfuraih, Board member at Kuwait Voluntary Work Centre 2014-2017, Founder of Kuwait Voluntary Celiac Awareness Team,
  2. Founder & president of the Kuwaiti Celiac Awareness Voluntary Society since 2017
    spreading celiac awareness Specially in Kuwait and in MENA region
  3. IT Consultant at Public Authority for Industry 2000-2016
  4. Counselor to Public Authority for Industry’s Vice Director General -2001-2016 retired.
  5. Board member at Kuwait voluntary work center 2014- 2017
  6. National Representative of the IAVE in Kuwait

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